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Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

At Medical Insurance Bureau, we have been handling Surgery and Locum insurance policies for over 35 years, and today’s culture of frequent change is making it even more difficult to keep up to date. We understand only too well the importance of hitting budgets and saving money, whilst keeping service and benefit levels as high as possible. With longstanding experienced staff, MIB pride ourselves on giving you a personal, tailored service, while finding you the right competitive, comprehensive and flexible product.

Doctors who are employed either by the NHS or another healthcare organisation should not require additional insurance or professional indemnity cover it they practise exclusively within the terms of that employment. However, many doctors, who could rely on corporate cover to meet the requirement, choose to have personal cover (possibly as part of a package of other services) although they have no self- employed practice. Whether or not you choose to take additional cover in these circumstances is entirely a matter for your own judgement. We can provide you with the best tailored cover including the following:

Surgery Insurance

Locum Insurance

Professional Indemnity and Medical Malpractice

The vast majority of doctors practise to high standards and consistently deliver good quality healthcare. However, despite generally high standards, things do sometimes go wrong as a consequence of negligence on the part of a doctor. Where this happens, and a patient has suffered some harm, it is important that you have adequate insurance or professional indemnity cover to financially compensate the patient for any loss suffered.

Since 1997, good medical practice has placed a professional duty on doctors to have professional indemnity arrangements in place. Paragraph 63 of good medical practice provides that a doctor 'must make sure they have adequate insurance or indemnity cover so that their patients will not be disadvantaged if they make a claim about the clinical care they have provided in the UK'.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) & Safety Inspection of Autoclaves and Air Receivers

The regular maintenance of complex and expensive equipment will facilitate its efficient running and help prevent expensive and inconvenient breakdowns. Medical Insurance Bureau can arrange for PAT Testing and the Safety Inspection of Autoclaves and Air Receivers by our recommended engineer. Although based in the North East, the testing can be carried out beyond the region, subject to extra travel costs.

PAT Testing

The Health and Safety Executive states that as specified in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other associated workplace legislation there is a requirement on the part of an employer to inspect, test and maintain in good and safe condition all types of electrical equipment in the workplace. The taking of reasonably practicable steps through Portable Appliance Testing to ensure that no danger results from the use of electrical equipment should therefore form an important part of any Health and Safety Policy although PAT Testing is not compulsory.

In terms of frequency of inspections required, if the equipment is used on the public then 6 months Class 1, 12 months Class 2. If it's not used on the public then 24 months Class 1 with a formal visual inspection (fvi) at 12 months and an fvi for Class 2 every 24 months. We are talking here about portable appliances, ie that can be moved. If they are hand held then the only difference is that fvi is every 6 months for Class 1 and 2 with a full test every 12 months for Class 1 only. (Source: IEE Code of Practice)

Autoclave and Air Receiver Safety Inspections

Autoclaves are an important part of the dental practice. Not only are they there to sterilize instruments but unfortunately they are also a potential accident waiting to happen.

As you are aware they require testing annually under the PSSR 2000:128 Reg: 9 Examination in accordance with the written Scheme and this should be carried out by a competent person/company. Under Reg: 12 Maintenance & Reg: 14 Keeping of Records you also have a responsibility to keep the equipment in good order with records available.

By arranging your PAT and Autoclave Testing to be undertaken by an experienced engineer, MIB can remove another headache from the hectic requirements of running a busy dental or doctors practice.

Although working from a Newcastle base, work can be undertaken outside the area with a small extra charge to cover the travel.

Price Lists

Safety Inspection of Autoclaves and Air Receivers

Up to 3 items of pressure plant per location - £207.63

Each additional item - £46.88

Administration Fee - £10.00

Prices quoted including VAT

Download Autoclaves/Air Receivers Application Form

Normal hours of inspection 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm.

Addresses outside North East area subject to excess mileage charges (prices on application).

Inspections possible outside of normal hours, at engineer’s discretion and subject to possible surcharge.

Portable Appliance Testing

Items Cost Per Item Site Fee Admin Fee
1-60 £1.90 Each £50.00 £10.00
61+ £1.90 Each £40.00 £10.00
Download PAT Application Form

Excess mileage charges:

Normal hours of inspection 9am until 5pm.

Addresses outside North East area subject to above excess mileage charges.

Inspections possible outside of normal hours, at engineer’s discretion and subject to possible surcharge.

The attending engineer will be a qualified portable appliance tester with a City & Guilds 2377 accreditation and will be able to effect any repairs applicable on the visit date. Costing for this should be agreed with the engineer at the time.

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